Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning San Diego

dry carpet cleaning

Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning In San Diego.

Quick dry carpet cleaning services in San Diego that truly get carpets dry quick while employing a wet extraction method should be highly regarded in our opinion. Getting carpets dry to the touch completely before being done with any truck mounted steam cleaning job is not an easy task for most. It takes masterful skill and knowledge, as well as being up to date on the latest technology in cleaning equipment in order to achieve exceptionally fast dry results. It’s easier than most carpet cleaners think, but many just fail to learn this necessary skill and apply it for their customers and clients.

In regards to our company, it’s something that happens to be our own signature flagship service also known as “rapid speed dry”, “flash dry”, and “accelerated dry”… held in the highest regard by the way!  It is also a highly desirable extension of our cleaning service that has become popular and extremely sought after by our clients. It’s one of the newest standards meaning if a company isn’t providing quick dry carpet cleaning, they are not cleaning at max potential!

So, how does this quick drying process work?

Well, the process itself relies heavily on 3 things – knowledge, experience, and equipment. In this scenario our quick dry carpet cleaning process is performed in a strategic manner. Substantially powerful equipment providing us with the max amount of extraction possible and the knowledge and experience to carry out the order of these steps, among other things is what allows us to achieve this wonderful end result that our customers and clients love! There are specific factors involved which we will not go into here, but they revolve around manipulation of air flow. If the same damp moist air is circulated in the hopes that the carpet will dry some how some way, well it will eventually over a long period of time and that can make for moisture damage in the structure of a home, as in the drywall used in the construction of walls for example. Moisture can also make for an undesirable odor of mold and or mildew.

quick dry carpet cleaning

This is what separates us from the rest of the carpet cleaners in our industry. True quality fast dry carpet cleaning is a professional step-by-step process that takes more than just standard equipment! And, it’s definitely going to require more time than the franchise guys are willing to give their customers. I’d be willing to bet that most experienced consumers that have had their own carpets cleaned once or twice know how frustrating it is to have to deal with soking wet carpet that takes 4 or 5 days to dry… way too long!

Quality Carpet Cleaning Service That Leads To Desirable Results.

Quality is what legitimate carpet cleaners provide their clients and honesty, ethics, and integrity are what fuels that. A carpet cleaner that is on an ethical level will know that to get the very best results possible, they will need to be able to thoroughly flush and rinse and get the carpet as dry as possible as soon as possible fast with no potential for any moisture to wick dirt to the top. Complete quality revolves around being able to get carpet dry as fast as possible because you stand less of a chance at dirt that has gone beyond the carpet and backing not resurfacing creating all those unsightly spots that everyone complains about. Again, quick drying carpet cleaning is just another step, the most important step in providing true quality results!

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Dry Carpet Cleaning Versus Truck Mount Steam

Dry Carpet Cleaning & Truckmounted Steam

Dry carpet cleaning methods are still used today, but having carpets cleaned with a truck mounted steam machine is the industry standard nowadays. You stand to void your carpet warranty if you don’t use truck mount steam extraction to clean your carpets. Many carpet cleaners or carpet cleaning companies are geared up to do truck mount steam extraction but most don’t seem to know how to do it right or their machines are grossly under powered making for super wet carpets at the end of the job they do for you.

Dry Cleaning Method For Carpets

Dry Carpet CleaningThere are other carpet cleaning methods available. Some offer truck mount steam extraction via a truck mounted machine while others revolve around what’s known as dry carpet cleaning or encapsulation. Encapsulation or dry cleaning as it’s referred to is normally performed on commercial carpets or in locations where a truck mount machine and its hoses are not accessible or don’t have the reach, because the unit or office space is too far into the complex or building. So, we use a dry carpet cleaning method instead. The encapsulation cleaning method or technique that we use is very good. It’s basically a rotary machine that has a scrub pad attachment you connect to it and it rotates or oscillates and scrub the carpet with a solvent based cleaning solution that dries in about an hour or an hour and a half. I must say for this method not being a truck mounted method it does an excellent job believe it or not! But, don’t let anybody tell you that its extraction because its not. Nothing is being extracted with a scrub pad machine. All it does is applies an encapsulation cleaning solution and scrubbed it into your carpet and makes for trapping dirt and grease and putting it in suspension waiting for the next time the janitorial staff vacuum the carpet. That’s when all the dirt and grease that’s been formed a bond around gets extracted out or vacuumed out in this case. It happens to be a low moisture method or technique and works great for those inaccessible areas that are just too deeply embedded and a commercial office building or downtown high-rise condo where truck mount hoses simply can’t reach.

Truckmount Steam Extraction

But, enough about the dry carpet cleaning method let’s get back to truck mounted steam extraction. Truck mount steam extraction sanitizes carpet only if the carpet cleaners equipment can heat the water hot enough to at least 240 degrees plus. This means bacteria gets killed, dust mites get killed, flees get killed and a variety of other critters that might be taking up residency in your carpet that you didn’t know about. Overall it’s such a better clean your carpet. It’s easier for gum to get melted out when the water is at least boiling or above boiling temperatures. Some cleaning solutions in particular seem to work better at higher temperatures enabling the cleaning process to make your carpets a whole lot cleaner and fluffier in the process. Straight up hard water tends to make your carpet stiff after it dries. This is why a water softener should be a part of any professional quality carpet cleaners equipment.

There are a few things involved in a truck mount carpet steam cleaning process in order to get your carpets the cleanest, and driest, and most sanitized possible. First and foremost a machine has to be powerful enough to be able to recover as much of the water used to flush and rinse and extract the carpet of all the soaps dirt bacteria grease and grime as possible. Secondly it would be a good idea to have a soap neutralizer of some kind so that the carpet isn’t subjected to any kind of residue left behind. And third a quality carpet cleaner must have the right type of drying equipment in their arsenal in order to provide the customers and clients with the fastest drying other carpets possible, along with knowledge and ethics behind the cleaning process. There are a few carpet cleaning companies that are qualified to carry out this quality process in its entirety. They are usually going to be locally owned and operated or what are known as owner operators of their own carpet cleaning businesses that do the work live and in person. They are the ones you want to utilize because a lot of big name companies no longer have the ability to devote the time and the attention that’s necessary to get your carpets cleaned the right way.

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